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Easily convert frequencies from kilohertz (kHz) to megahertz (MHz). This online tool simplifies the process of converting between these units of frequency. Effortlessly calculate and understand the equivalent value in megahertz for a given frequency in kilohertz.

Result in megahertz: MHz


What is Kilohertz to megahertz conversion

To convert kilohertz (kHz) to megahertz (MHz), you need to divide the value in kilohertz by 1,000. This is because there are 1,000 kilohertz in one megahertz.

The formula for the conversion is:

Frequency in megahertz (MHz) = Frequency in kilohertz (kHz) / 1,000

For example, if you have a frequency of 5,000 kHz and want to convert it to megahertz:

Frequency in megahertz (MHz) = 5,000 kHz / 1,000 = 5 MHz

So, 5,000 kilohertz is equivalent to 5 megahertz.

You can use this formula to convert any frequency from kilohertz to megahertz by dividing the value in kilohertz by 1,000.

How to convert kilohertz to megahertz

1kHz = 0.001MHz


1MHz = 1000kHz

Kilohertz to megahertz formula

The frequency f in hertz (Hz) is equal to the frequency f in kilohertz (kHz) divided by 1000:

f(MHz) = f(kHz) / 1000

Kilohertz to megahertz Example

Convert 3 kilohertz to megahertz:

f(MHz) = 3kHz / 1000 = 0.003MHz

Kilohertz to megahertz conversion table

Kilohertz (kHz) Megahertz (MHz)
0 kHz 0 MHz
1 kHz 0.001 MHz
10 kHz 0.01 MHz
100 kHz 0.1 MHz
1000 kHz 1 MHz
10000 kHz 10 MHz
100000 kHz 100 MHz
1000000 kHz 1000 MHz