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Calculate the discounted price and savings for a product or service using our online calculator. By inputting the original price and the discount percentage or amount, you can calculate the final price after the discount is applied and the total amount saved.

Online Discount Calculator
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The Discount Formula

Final Price (Sale Price) = Original Price − Discount Amount
Discount Amount = Original Price × Discount Rate

Example: Jeannette bought a dress that was discounted 25% off of the original price of $120. What was the amount of discount? What was the sale price of the dress?


The discount amount is calculated as follows:

Original Price × Discount Rate = Discount Amount

$120.00 × 0.25 = $30

The sale price is calculated as follows:

Original Price − Discount Amount = Sale Price

$120 − $30 = $90

Answer: The discount amount is $30 and the sale price is $90.

What is Discount Calculator

A Discount Calculator is a tool used to calculate the discounted price or savings on a product or service when a discount is applied. It can help determine the final price after applying a discount percentage or the amount of money saved from the original price.

Here's how a typical Discount Calculator works:

  1. Original Price: You input the original price of the product or service before any discount is applied.

  2. Discount Percentage: You enter the discount percentage, which represents the percentage reduction off the original price. For example, if the discount is 20%, you would enter "20" in the calculator.

  3. Calculation: The Discount Calculator calculates the discounted price by subtracting the discount amount from the original price, or it calculates the amount of savings if you input the discounted price and the original price.

    • To calculate the discounted price, the formula is: Discounted Price = Original Price - (Original Price * (Discount Percentage / 100))

    • To calculate the savings, the formula is: Savings = Original Price - Discounted Price

  4. Displaying the Result: The calculator displays the discounted price or the savings amount, depending on the calculation performed.

The Discount Calculator helps consumers and businesses determine the final price they need to pay after applying a discount or understand the amount of money saved through discounts. It allows for quick and convenient calculations, especially when dealing with multiple products or different discount percentages.

It's important to note that some discounts may have specific terms and conditions, such as exclusions or limitations. For example, discounts may not be applicable to certain items or may have a minimum purchase requirement. Additionally, taxes, fees, or additional charges may still apply to the discounted price.

Using a Discount Calculator can assist in making informed purchasing decisions, comparing prices, and understanding the impact of discounts on the overall cost. However, keep in mind that the final price may vary depending on various factors, and it's advisable to verify the calculations and terms of the discount with the retailer or service provider before making a purchase.

Discount Calculator Example

Certainly! Here's an example of a Discount Calculator that helps calculate the discounted price after applying a discount percentage to the original price:

Let's assume we have the following information:

Original Price: $100 Discount Percentage: 20%

Step 1: Calculate the Discount Amount Discount Amount = Original Price x (Discount Percentage / 100) Discount Amount = $100 x (20 / 100) Discount Amount = $100 x 0.2 Discount Amount = $20

Step 2: Calculate the Discounted Price Discounted Price = Original Price - Discount Amount Discounted Price = $100 - $20 Discounted Price = $80

Therefore, after applying a 20% discount to the original price of $100, the discounted price would be $80.

Please note that this is just an example, and the actual discount calculation may vary depending on the specific discount percentage and pricing structure used.