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Body Surface Area Calculator FullScreen

This Body Surface Area (BSA) Calculator helps you estimate the body surface area based on body weight and height. The calculator employs the most well-known equations to calculate BSA.

BSA Calculator

Estimated Body Surface Area (BSA) = 20.507 ft2

Average Body Surface Area Values
Adult Men 1.9 m2
Adult Women 1.6 m2
Child (12-13 years) 1.33 m2
Child (10 years) 1.14 m2
Child (9 years) 1.07 m2
Child (2 years) 0.5 m2
Neonate 0.25 m2


The equations to compute BSA are listed below:

The Du Bois equation

BSA [m2] = 0.007184 × weight[kg] 0.425 × height[cm] 0.725

The Mosteller equation

BSA [m2] = 0.016667 × weight[kg] 0.5 × height[cm] 0.5

The Haycock equation

BSA [m2] = 0.024265 × weight[kg] 0.5378 × height[cm] 0.3964

The Gehan & George equation

BSA [m2] = 0.0235 × weight[kg] 0.51456 × height[cm] 0.42246

The Boyd equation

BSA [m2] = 0.03330 × weight[kg] (0.6157 - 0.0188 × log10(weight[kg])) × height[cm] 0.3

The Takahira equation

BSA [m2] = 0.007241 × weight[kg] 0.425 × height[cm] 0.725

The Schlich equation

Women: BSA [m2] = 0.000975482 × weight[kg] 0.46 × height[cm] 1.08
Men: BSA [m2] = 0.000579479 × weight[kg] 0.38 × height[cm] 1.24

What is Body Surface Area Calculator

The Body Surface Area (BSA) calculator is a tool used to estimate the total surface area of a person's body. BSA is commonly used in the medical field for various purposes, such as determining appropriate medication dosages and assessing the severity of burns. Here's how a Body Surface Area calculator typically works:

  1. Input Variables: To calculate BSA, the calculator requires two main inputs: height and weight. Height is usually measured in centimeters or meters, and weight is typically measured in kilograms.

  2. Calculation Method: There are different formulas available to estimate the Body Surface Area, with the most commonly used formula being the DuBois formula:

    BSA = 0.007184 × (height in cm)^0.725 × (weight in kg)^0.425

    Other formulas, such as the Mosteller formula and the Haycock formula, may also be used.

  3. Interpretation: The calculated Body Surface Area provides an estimation of the total surface area of the body in square meters or square centimeters. BSA is primarily used in healthcare settings to determine appropriate medication dosages, assess renal function, and evaluate patients with burns or skin diseases.

It's important to note that BSA calculators provide estimations and may have limitations. They do not take into account factors such as body composition, body shape, or age. Moreover, different formulas may yield slightly different results.

As with any medical measurement, it's essential to consult with a healthcare professional or medical expert for a more accurate assessment and interpretation of Body Surface Area, especially in clinical settings where precise calculations are required.

Body Surface Area Calculator example

Certainly! Here's an example of using a table to calculate the body surface area for different individuals:

Assume the following information for three individuals:

Individual Height (cm) Weight (kg) Body Surface Area (m²)
Person A 170 65 1.85
Person B 160 55 1.65
Person C 180 75 2.05

To calculate the body surface area for each person, we can use the Mosteller formula:

Body Surface Area = sqrt((Height * Weight)/3600)

Using the given values, we can calculate the body surface area for each individual:

For Person A: Body Surface Area = sqrt((170 * 65)/3600) = sqrt(11050/3600) = sqrt(3.0694) ≈ 1.75 m²

For Person B: Body Surface Area = sqrt((160 * 55)/3600) = sqrt(8800/3600) = sqrt(2.4444) ≈ 1.56 m²

For Person C: Body Surface Area = sqrt((180 * 75)/3600) = sqrt(13500/3600) = sqrt(3.75) ≈ 1.94 m²

Therefore, the body surface area for Person A is approximately 1.75 m², for Person B is approximately 1.56 m², and for Person C is approximately 1.94 m².

Using a table allows you to input the height and weight for each individual and calculate their respective body surface area. Body surface area is a measurement used in various medical calculations, such as drug dosages, assessment of metabolic rate, and estimation of burned skin area. It provides an approximation of the total skin area on the external body surface. However, it's important to note that individual variations exist, and other methods may be used for specific purposes. Consultation with a healthcare professional is recommended for accurate measurements and personalized medical advice.