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Birthday Calculator FullScreen

A Birthday Calculator is a useful online tool that allows you to determine various interesting facts and information about your birthday. By entering your birth date, the calculator can provide you with details such as your age in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and even seconds.


Birthday Calculator Example

Name Birthdate
John 1990-05-15
Emily 1985-10-23
Andrew 1998-03-08

To calculate the age:

  1. Get the current date.
  2. Subtract the birthdate from the current date to get the time difference.
  3. Extract the year from the time difference to determine the age.

For example, if today is "2023-07-28", we can calculate the ages for each person:

Name Birthdate Age
John 1990-05-15 33
Emily 1985-10-23 37
Andrew 1998-03-08 25

Therefore, as of the current date, John is 33 years old, Emily is 37 years old, and Andrew is 25 years old.