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Character Counter FullScreen

Easily count the number of characters and letters in your text with this efficient online tool. Ideal for writers, bloggers, and professionals who need to stay within specific character limits. Get accurate counts of both characters and letters by simply pasting your text into the character counter.

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What is Character Counter

A character counter is a tool or software that counts the number of characters in a given text or document. It provides a count of all the characters present, including spaces, punctuation marks, numbers, special symbols, and any other character that makes up the text. The purpose of a character counter is to give an accurate measurement of the total number of characters in a piece of writing. It is commonly used in various contexts, such as social media platforms with character restrictions, online forms with limited input length, or when adhering to specific character limits for essays, articles, or other written content. The character counter enables users to keep track of their character usage and ensure they stay within the specified limits.