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Convert illuminance from lux (lx) to footcandles (fc) with ease. Ideal for lighting professionals, architects, and engineers working with different units of illuminance. Obtain accurate footcandle measurements by converting lux using this convenient online tool.

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What is Lux to footcandles

To convert lux (lx) to footcandles (fc), you can use the following conversion factor:

1 lux = 0.0929 footcandles

This means that to convert lux to footcandles, you need to multiply the lux value by 0.0929.

For example, if you have a measurement of 100 lux, you can convert it to footcandles by multiplying 100 by 0.0929, resulting in approximately 9.29 footcandles.

Conversely, to convert footcandles to lux, you would divide the footcandle value by 0.0929.

Please note that these conversion factors are approximate and may vary slightly depending on rounding or regional conventions.

Lux to footcandles conversion formula

The illuminance Ev in footcandles (fc) is equal to the illuminance Ev in lux (lx) times 0.09290304:

Ev(fc) = Ev(lx) × 0.09290304 = Ev(lx) / 10.76391

Lux to footcandles Example

To convert Lux (lx) to Footcandles (fc), you can use the conversion factor of 1 lux = 0.092903 footcandles. Here's an example that demonstrates the conversion:

Let's say you have a light source with different illuminance values in Lux (lx), and you want to convert them to Footcandles (fc). You can use the following table:

Illuminance (lx) Illuminance (fc)
1000 92.90
500 46.45
200 18.58
100 9.29

To convert the illuminance from Lux to Footcandles, multiply the value in Lux by 0.092903.

For example, if the illuminance is 1000 lx, the illuminance in Footcandles would be 1000 lx * 0.092903 = 92.90 fc.

Similarly, for an illuminance of 500 lx, the illuminance in Footcandles would be 500 lx * 0.092903 = 46.45 fc.

You can follow the same calculation for other illuminance values in the table.

Please note that this conversion assumes the light is evenly distributed over a surface. The actual conversion may vary depending on the specific characteristics of the light source and the measurement conditions.