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Scoreboard FullScreen

Score counter online: Keep track of scores and points with our convenient online scoreboard. Ideal for sports events, competitions, or any activity that requires scorekeeping. Easily update and display scores in real-time for multiple teams or participants.



How to use the scoreboard

  • Set time in minutes and seconds.
  • Set the names of the players/teams.
  • Press Start button to start game.
  • Click the score textbox to set the score.
  • Press + button to increment the score.
  • Press - button to decrement the score.
  • Press × button to reset the score.

What is Scoreboard

A scoreboard or score counter online is a digital tool or application that tracks and displays scores or points for various games, competitions, or activities. It provides a visual representation of the current scores and can be used in real-time to keep track of multiple participants or teams.

Online scoreboards offer several features and functionalities, including:

  1. Score Tracking: The scoreboard allows you to input and update scores as the game or activity progresses. This can be done manually or automatically, depending on the specific software or tool.

  2. Multiple Participants or Teams: Scoreboards often support tracking scores for multiple participants or teams simultaneously. They may provide different sections or columns to display individual or team names along with their corresponding scores.

  3. Customization Options: Users can often customize the appearance and layout of the scoreboard, such as choosing different colors, fonts, or themes to match the style of the event or game.

  4. Timer or Countdown: Some online scoreboards include a timer or countdown feature to track the duration of the game or activity.

  5. Live Updates: Online scoreboards can be shared and accessed by multiple users in real-time, allowing them to view the current scores remotely or from different devices.

Scoreboards are commonly used in sports events, board games, eSports competitions, quizzes, or any situation where keeping track of scores is necessary. They eliminate the need for manual scorekeeping and provide a convenient and efficient way to display and manage scores during a game or competition.