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Tone generator online FullScreen

Tone generator online, frequency generator, audio generator, sound generator: Generate custom tones and sounds with our versatile online tool. Create specific frequencies, waveforms, or audio patterns to suit your needs.



How to use the tone generator

  • Set volume to low level to protect your ears.
  • Press the Play button to start tone generation.
  • Press the Stop button to stop tone generation.
  • Click frequency slider to set tone frequncy.
  • Click volume slider to set volume.
  • Select waveform shape.
  • Press the Save button to save audio file.


  • If the generated file length is too short, set the Repeat or Loop option is your media player, so the file will play infinitely.

What is tone generator used for?

The tone generator can be used for testing the speakers and the electrical wiring of the speakers or for tinnitus and hearing loss frequency detection.

Hearing range

Human hearing range is usually 20Hz-20000Hz.
If you can't hear a low or high frequency, it might be caused by a hearing problem, or the speaker can not generate the required frequency when the frequency is very low or very high.

What is Tone generator online

A tone generator online, frequency generator, audio generator, or sound generator refers to an online tool or application that generates different types of audio tones or sounds at specific frequencies. These generators are often used for various purposes, including testing audio equipment, conducting experiments, creating sound effects, or simply generating specific frequencies for listening or analysis.

The features and capabilities of a tone generator online may vary, but here are some common functionalities:

  1. Frequency Selection: Users can choose the desired frequency or range of frequencies for generating tones or sounds. This can be done by inputting specific values or using sliders to adjust the frequency settings.

  2. Waveform Selection: Some generators offer options to select different waveform types, such as sine, square, triangle, or sawtooth waveforms. Each waveform has its own unique sound characteristics.

  3. Amplitude Control: Users can adjust the volume or amplitude of the generated tones or sounds. This allows for controlling the loudness or intensity of the audio output.

  4. Duration Settings: The duration of the generated audio can often be customized. Users can set the length of the sound or specify continuous playback.

  5. Playback Controls: Basic playback controls, such as play, pause, stop, and loop, may be available for convenience in listening to the generated tones or sounds.

  6. Multi-Tone Generation: Some tone generators online allow users to generate multiple tones simultaneously. This is useful for creating complex sound mixtures or testing audio systems' response to different frequencies.

Tone generators online can be helpful in various scenarios, including:

  • Testing Audio Equipment: They assist in checking the functionality, response, or calibration of speakers, headphones, microphones, or other audio devices.

  • Acoustic Experiments: Tone generators online are used in scientific research or educational experiments that involve studying the effects of different frequencies or sound waves on objects or organisms.

  • Sound Design and Music Production: They aid in creating specific sound effects, synthesizing musical tones, or generating background sounds for multimedia projects.

  • Hearing Tests: Tone generators can be used for basic hearing tests or to evaluate the frequency range of an individual's hearing abilities.

  • Meditation and Relaxation: Some people use tone generators for relaxation, meditation, or sound therapy purposes, as specific frequencies are believed to have calming or therapeutic effects.

Tone generators online provide a convenient way to generate audio tones or sounds at different frequencies, offering flexibility and control over the generated audio output. They are widely accessible and beneficial across various fields and applications related to audio and sound.