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Volts to joules calculator FullScreen

Convert voltage in volts (V) to energy in joules (J). Ideal for understanding the amount of energy associated with a given voltage. Obtain an estimation of joules from volts using this convenient online tool.

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What is Volts to joules calculator

To convert volts (V) to joules (J), you need to know the electric charge (Q) in coulombs (C) and the potential difference or voltage (V) across the circuit. The formula for converting volts to joules is:

Joules (J) = Volts (V) x Coulombs (C)

Simply multiply the voltage by the electric charge to obtain the energy in joules.

For example, if you have a circuit with a voltage of 12 volts (V) and an electric charge of 5 coulombs (C), you can calculate the energy in joules as follows:

Joules (J) = 12 V x 5 C Joules (J) = 60 J

In this example, the energy in the circuit would be 60 joules.

It's important to note that this calculation assumes a direct conversion from volts to joules when considering energy stored in capacitors or delivered by batteries. However, in other contexts, such as calculating work done in moving charges through an electric field, additional factors like distance or displacement may also come into play.

Volts to joules calculation

The energy E in joules (J) is equal to the voltage V in volts (V), times the electrical charge Q in coulombs (C):

E(J) = V(V) × Q(C)

Volts to joules calculator Example

I apologize for the confusion. The conversion from volts (V) to joules (J) requires additional information, such as either the charge (Q) or the capacitance (C) of the system. Once we have either the charge or the capacitance, we can use the following formulas:

  1. If you know the charge (Q) in coulombs (C):

    • Energy (J) = Voltage (V) * Charge (Q)
  2. If you know the capacitance (C) in farads (F):

    • Energy (J) = 0.5 * Capacitance (C) * Voltage^2 (V^2)

Here's an example table showing the conversion of volts to joules using different charges and capacitances:

Voltage (V) Charge (Q) (C) Energy (J)
12V 5C 60J
24V 8C 192J
9V 3C 27J
6V 2C 12J
15V 10C 150J

Please note that this table assumes either a known charge or capacitance value. Without this information, it is not possible to directly convert volts to joules.